Small Horizontal Tarantula Enclosure
Small Terrestrial Tarantula Cage

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Small Horizontal Tarantula Enclosure

Best choice for housing spiderlings of terrestrial species of up to 2 inches in leg span.


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Size (L x W x H) 8" x 4" x 4"
Volume 0.5 gallon
Type Terrestrial. Designed for housing ground-dwelling spiders
Material Cell-cast Acrylic
Wall Thickness 3/16"
Screen Vents 2
Vents Material Mesh - Aluminum, Covers - Translucent Black Acrylic
Vents Diameter 2"
Hasps 1
Hasps Material High Strength DR Acrylic
Hinges 2
Hinges Material High Strength DR Acrylic
Net Weight 1.25 lbs
SKU H100-0804

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